Gain Permanent Residency in Switzerland through investing in a Swiss company


  • People who are selling an existing company
  • Businessmen not currently trading in Switzerland
  • Retirees
  • Actors, musicians and sportsmen
  • People able to live on their assets and who do not require employment

  • Switzerland has a very friendly tax system
  • Switzerland is positioned in a very central European location
  • Switzerland boasts the highest quality of living in the world

  • Minimum investment of at least 500,000CHF (approx. 420,000EUR) into a company based in the area in which you will reside, with a view to creating jobs and employment from this. An investment into stocks and shares is not sufficient.
  • You should reside in Switzerland for the majority of the time.
  • Unless you are a famous artist of some description, you will be requires to demonstrate you have ties with Switzerland, for example, past holidays, friends, relatives