Through Entrepreneurship

German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union

Germany is the third largest economy in the world means it is widely considered a prime place to invest.

German Law and Government is extremely welcoming towards legitimate business activities and encourage growth of their local economy.

  • The ability to reside in Germany with your dependents – a spouse and children under eighteen.
  • You become eligible to apply for Permanent residency after three years.
  • Apply for citizenship after eight years of residing in Germany.

  • Germany’s higher economic interest or a special regional need for your business.
  • The expectation that your business will have a positive effect on the economy.
  • Financing secured through equity or by a bank loan
  • TThe business will not damage Germany’s overall economic interests.

    The aforementioned points / Criteria make the Business eligible for commercial migration.

    It has to be supported by a strong and detailed business plan.

Certain Key Points On a Business Plan

When applying for a residency permit based opening a business, a business plan is mandatory.The business plan will be prepared by a specialist in Germany, based upon specific information
provided by the applicant.

Our Contribution

  • Collecting Documents according to checklist
  • Submitting all Documents
  • Streamlining supplementary documents
  • Handling all questions and Explanations received from the authorities , if applicable .
  • General advice/instruction during the application process

Germany welcomes highly qualified people to live there and look for a job.

Germany allows non-EU nationals who hold an academic degree qualification to live there for six months and find employment.

Basic requirements

  • The job search permit has to be applied from the home country .
  • The Candidate will need to provide evidence that you hold a valid academic qualification .l
  • The Candidate needs to show evidence of sufficient funds to finance yourself for the next six months

The key benefit is in the opportunity itself.