Belgium: Residency Through the Entrepreneur

Business Start-Up Visa
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Experienced business professionals
  • Educated and Skilled professionals
  • High net worth individuals willing and able to make an investment into a local Belgian business.

  • Belgium provides a strong European presence.
  • No Minimum Stay requirements/year.
  • Only 3 years before the citizenship application can be made.
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship.
  • Option to Travel across the Schengen Zone/EU freely, without any Visa requirements.

  • Applicants must have 300,000€ or more available for the Immigration program. Our clients are predominantly high net worth business investors.
  • Investment must be by means of monetary fund.
  • The investment must be into a Belgian local business or project which serves to create jobs or alternatively in a start-up Belgian enterprise.

  • We offer advice and assistance with the application from start to finish
  • We offer tax advice.
  • We can assist with dealing with necessary authorities for the application.
  • We can open a bank account for you.
  • Liaison with all local and government authorities
  • Submission of the application to the relevant government authorities
  • Advice and assistance when renewing your permit
  • Advice and assistance when renewing your permit
  • Assistance with obtaining the permanent residence permit.